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Wall Overlay System
Floor Overlay System
FLEX-C-MENT WALL MIX is formulated to give a somewhat of a sculpture like performance. It is a cementicious dry mix designed specifically for deep wall textures creating that realistic 3D appearance of various stone and brick patterns. WALL MIX has been tested and developed for years to achieve optimum performance. It is a lightweight insulated overlay material that is applied directly over drywall, wood. masonry and various other surfaces without requiring a foundation. WALL MIX can be applied up to 2"-3" thick without sagging. A few applications include: fireplace surrounds, interior and exterior walls, foundations, retaining walls and chimneys.



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This cementicious dry mix is designed for the most severe wear applications, interior or exterior. Formulated to resist troweling air blisters and shrink cracks. Balanced with additives to enhance curing in temperature extremes.  OVERLAY MIX is used on concrete floor applications and as the top coat when overlaying wood surfaces. A few interior examples would include, kitchen, dinning room, bathroom, and foyer, with realistic stone, brick and tile designs. A few exterior examples would include, sidewalks, driveways, porch,  patios and swimming pool decks.




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